Additives – for Heavy Fuel Oils

    Additives – for Heavy Fuel Oils

    Anand Oil Company has been a pioneer in the field of fuel additives, supplying high technology multi functional additives for Furnace Oil, Carbon black feed stock (CBFS), Light Diesel Oil (LDO), LVFO and Low Sulphur Heavy Stock. This additive improves combustion and storage stability of Fuel Oil.

     Combustion Improver Catalyst Cum Stability Additives A specially formulated compound in solution in an aromatic solvent which is readily soluble in fuel oil and which acts as a combustion catalyst by increasing the speed of oxidation of unburnt hydrocarbons during the process of heavy fuel oil combustion.

    Combustion Improver Catalyst is a flexible way to optimize the use of heavy fuel oils and exhibits the following main properties:

    • Reduces significantly the amount of soot and unburnt hydrocarbons (more than 50%) formed during the combustion of heavy fuel oils
    • Allows reducing the excess air used during the combustion process
    • Improves the flame homogeneity and allows to achieve a more stable yield of combustion along the time
    • Reduces deposits on heat transfer surfaces and consequently allows to achieve a more efficient heat transfer in the convection zone
    • As a consequence, reduction in fuel consumption is achieved.


    • Reduces the unburnt solids by at least 50%
    • Decreases emission of Black smoke & Co. Gas
    • Reduces NOx by at least 30%
    • Satisfies environmental considerations

    Handling and Blending

    • Combustion Improver Catalyst must be stored and handled at ambient temperatures not lower than minus 3’C. Carbon Steel, stainless steel, poly ethylene, polypropylene or Teflon may be used for construction of storage.
    • The recommended blending method is either by direct injection in the fuel line by a dosing pump or by addition into the main fuel storage tank or in the tanker/ truck before decantation of the fuel into the main tank.

    Function of Anand Fuel Additives

    • High Performance Multifunctional additive to solve Combustion and Sludge formation problems in fuel oil. Asphaltene + O2 C + CO + CO2 + H2O
    • Because of the partial combustion, CO and C are not burnt completely. This additive makes the Asphaltenes break down and helps the molecules to burn easily to give more energy. Normally this additive is dosed @ 500 to 750 ppm. Blending should be done in main tanks or storage tanks or tank trucks. This is a blend of performance improvers and its functions are given below:
    • Disintegrates the existing sludge molecules into fine Asphaltene molecules.
    • Avoids formation of sludge and keeps the Asphaltenes in well dispersed state.
    • Combustion Catalyst breaks down the Asphaltenes into smaller molecules, helps these broken molecules to burn by catalyzing the tough step of carbon monoxide formation, thus improving the heavy fuel oil to burn better, release more heat and as a result, saves fuel.

    Benefits of Using Combustion Catalyst:


    • Increases speed of combustion of oil.
    • Accelerates combustion of unburnt hydrocarbons


    • Reduces excess air requirement and reduce heat loss through flue gases
    • Reduces heat loss through heat transfer surface & enchance heat transfer efficiency
    • Improves spray pattern, flame homogeneity and flow property
    • Avoids sludge formation, and prevent clogging of pipes, filters, nozzles as well saturation of separators.
    • Disperses and suspends any sediments already present in storage tank and protects oil circuit from corrosion induced by water.
    • Reduces the frequency of mechanical maintenance and improves the life of equipment.

    Economic Benefits:

    • Effects 4% fuel savings, and enhance life of equipment
    • Sludge converts into good oil. Saves time, effort and labour by avoiding tank cleaning

    Environmental Benefits:

    • Reduces smoke, soot and particulate matter in flue gas
    • Reduces NOx by at least 30%; avoids sludge formation and hence sludge handling difficulties.

    Combustion Catalyst-cum-Ash Modifier Additive:

    • Added to the function of combustion improver, it reduces deposits in the high temperature zones of the thermic fluid heater / boiler so as to make the thermic fluid heater or the boiler operate on the peak capacity all the times. Avoids corrosion of heat exchanger tubes and premature failure of high temperature surfaces.

    Recommended Dosage

    • 500 ppm, i.e 1 Litre of Anand Fuel Additive in 2000 Litres of Oil
    • 750 ppm in severe case


    • Anand Fuel Additives poses no special hazards for personnel, but as with all petroleum products, avoid skin and eye contact and inhalation of vapours.

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